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I'm Sasha,

your certified aromatherapist

I blend the therapeutic and the esoteric, bringing you handcrafted tools for your emotional, physical and spiritual wellbeing.

As a mama of 3 young children, I know how often we put ourselves last, until we are burnt out & depleted.

How often do you feel irritable, moody or depressed because your needs haven’t been met?

I’m here to help you change that so you can prioritize YOU and feel better in your life.

Throughout my journey of overcoming infertility, depression & alcoholism, I completely changed my life.

I had TWINS!

I lost 20kgs (and kept it off).

I’m no longer taking anti-depressants.

I’ve stopped using coffee & alcohol to regulate my moods and energy.

I’ve rediscovered my connection to Source energy.

I’ve found purpose and drive in a “job” I LOVE, and the abundance is flowing.

I’ve discovered, and embody, the unbridled power of WOMEN.

I actually love my menstrual cycle, and what it teaches me about my health.

I put myself FIRST, and my family is rewarded 10-fold.

One thing that has helped me to continue to put myself first is aromatherapy. Essential oils helped me through my darkest times, and have been an important part of my journey to wellbeing.

This is why I'm passionate about bringing YOU natural essential oil products — to help other mamas prioritize their wellbeing, with all natural therapeutic products.

Certified Aromatherapist (Advanced Aromatherapy Diploma).

Registered with Complementary Medical Association.

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