MAMA Roller 3-Pack

MAMA Roller 3-Pack

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Now available!

The Pregnancy Range, in a 3 pack!

Chose your 3 from:

  • MAMA Sleep – to help combat pregnancy-induced insomnia, and reduce the time it takes to fall asleep once bubs arrives
  • MAMA Tummy – pregnancy safe version of my standard Tummy roller, to help with any digestive discomfort
  • MAMA Ache – my biggest (lol pun-ny) pregnancy complaint, the aching joints and associated pains that come with carrying babies, both pre and post birth
  • MAMA Brave – for any time, pre, during or after labour, you’ve got this, mama
  • MAMA Surge – contraction support, for use in labour to support the uterus in its surges
  • MAMA Heal- for my c-section mamas, a blend to support wound care and healing
  • MAMA Milk – an existing product which will be re-labeled, supporting breast milk production
  • MAMA Duct – a blend I hope you never need, my tried and tested blocked duct/mastitis support roller

    Available individually here:

    Please always consult a professional prior to use, to check these products are right for you.