Herbs, plants, roots and flowers have been used to treat aches, pains and ills, since time immemorial. Records show people in Ancient Egypt, Greece, China, India, Persia, and Australia's Aboriginal People, have been using plants as medicine, probably as long as we've had plants and people to use them! The therapeutic properties of many of them aren't disputed. This we know!

Essential oils have a newer history. While plants have been soaked and pressed in oils for hundreds of years, the process of steam distillation is a bit younger than traditional herbal medicines, and putting a drop in a roller bottle with some crystal chips? Newer again! But the idea remains the same: plants as medicine.

Steam distillation (the most common method of essential oil extraction, though there are others), works by vaporising the plants volatile chemicals, which are then purified in a still. At the end you have the plants essential components. Some you might have heard of, like limonene and pineol, and many you likely haven't. These are the active components, the parts with the therapeutic properties. For example, Clove oil contains a lot of eugenol, which is an antiseptic. Each essential oil will contain a range of different chemical constituents, all with different uses, scent profiles, and safety considerations. 

Finally, there are three methods to get these chemical constituents into your system - aromatic (smell), topical (touch) and ingestion (taste), with aromatic use being the safest.

Here at Essential Potential, we focus on topical and aromatic application. Of course all products are aromatic - you can smell them! (And if you don't have a sense of smell, they do still work, but focus on topical application.) Sprays are the most obvious aromatic-use product, and anything used in the shower (steamers or salts), but just smelling your roller or salts can have the desired effect. In the topical category you'll find rollers, balms, salts, bombs, steamers and sprays, and all formulated for safety first.

All rollers are diluted to 3% in a carrier oil (usually fractionated coconut oil). (Not recommended for use under age 12), and rollers for kids to 1% (not recommended for use under age 2). Sprays are also diluted likewise (but in rain water). Some essential oils are not suitable for children, pregnant or breastfeeding women, or some medical conditions. If this is you, and you're after, say, a HEAD roller, please contact me and I'll make you up an equivalent and safe product at no extra charge. I love learning and love a challenge, so please, reach out!

I love talking and learning about essential oils, their chemical components, and blending and curating the perfect product. Please keen an eye out for new products, and if you are after anything specific, or just a chat, reach out!


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