About Me

Hi there! My name is Sasha, and welcome to my little store! I'm a work at home mama of twins, Isla and Keira, married local, and based in the outback town of Hawker in South Australia. I'm so blessed that you're hear reading about me, and Flinders Essential!


I've always been interested in essential oils and aromatherapy, I even have a poster on my wall from the teenage years, but I didn't truly start pursuing it until a wonderful girlfriend offered me my first oils, in June of 2019.


These little bottles changed my life. Firstly, it was the emotional support - I had a breakdown and it resulted in my taking a lot of time off work. At times I struggled to get out of bed, but these little oils helped me every step of the way. Next, they supported me through surgery to diagnose and treat the causes of my infertility, and then the surprise start of our natural pregnancy,  which after a couple of miscarriages was stressful (and became more so when we found out we were having twins, ha!). Then, through the oily community, I was introduced to a woman who has changed my life and my health, and helped me to learn and grow, and all with these little bottles of oils!


I'm now a bit obsessed, and want to share everything I have learnt, from aromatherapy, to endocrine function, supporting mental health and stress management… Especially for mums and bubs! As they try to navigate an increasingly toxin filled world.


This shop is a part of that. It's my learning and blending, researching, curating and testing, put into quality hand made products, so that I can create the best support for you and your family. The range is small now, but I have so many plans, and would love more than anything to help you come up with a specific product, targeted to your needs. Whether that's therapeutic or esoteric!


Finally, growing this business will allow me to stay home with my kids. This is my "why". My vision of the future is one where my kids aren't sent to daycare, so I can grind in the 9 to 5, only to bring home pennys after paying for said daycare. No, I wish for my children to have 100% of me, so thank you for supporting that, more than anything. We appreciate you from the bottom of our hearts. Thank you.